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Great Recording Session with Julia Barry

Posted on July 17th, 2013 by adaml

Near the end of June I had a great time tracking at NYU studios with singer-songwriter, Julia Barry. Here is a picture from the session.

Julia Barry Session

I really enjoyed recording Julia’s Music. It reminded me very much of Joni Mitchell, Carol King, and in a more modern sense Rebecca Martin. Her incredible piano driven harmonies posed a nice challenge as far as getting our voicings and textures to blend, but I think we nailed it. The engineers made my Larivee acoustic sound incredible, everyone loved my good old 1947 ES-350 with a little vibrato effect, and at the very end as the only overdub of the day we tracked my fake japanese Les Paul Gold Top with lots of delay and little dirt through the studio’s Riviera combo.

Ronen Itzik was phenomenal on the drums and it was great to work with my frequent collaborator, bassist John Lenis. We were also expertly guided by producer David Steinberg.

Producer David Steinberg working at a great SSL Board!

Producer David Steinberg working at a great SSL Board!

I’ll be sure to post again when the EP is released!

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